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  • Long Sail International logistics Company
    What is Dangerous goods?

    By definition, Dangerous goods are different from ordinary goods. Special transportation methods and transportation conditions are required. Dangerous goods in air transport refer to goods that may cause damage to aircraft, life, and cargo during the air transport because of air pressure and temperature changes, heavy navigational shocks, space restrictions, etc. Dangerous Goods Regulations issued by IATA (hereinafter abbreviated) DGR) specifies the goods that can be transported and related restrictions.

    Export Process
    1. Orders booking
      7-10 days in advance to provide exporting books to our company. Please indicate the Chinese and English brand names, container type, dangerous goods grade (CLASS), UN dangerous goods code (UN NO.), dangerous package so that we can provide special request to apply for shipping space and dangerous goods declaration.

    2. Provide declaration information
      Provide cargo declaration related information within four working days in advance:
    • Dangerous goods packaging performance test results
    • Dangerous goods packaging usage identification results
    • Product Description: Chinese and English Comparison
    • Export Declaration Form (a. Verification Form b. Invoice c. Packing List d. Customs Declaration Form e. Export Declaration Form)

    1. Packing into the port
      Because dangerous goods are loaded directly by the ship, they are generally packed 3 days before the ship is leaving.
    • The owner will deliver the goods to our designated dangerous goods warehouse.
    • Our company arranges the trailers to be packed into the factory. After packing, we need to attach big danger labels around the containers. If there is a risk of the leakage of the loaded goods causing pollution to the ocean, affixing marine pollution marks and taking photos for evidence is necessary.

    1. Customs declaration
      Determine the cabinet number, vehicle volume, list, and prepare a complete customs declaration document before starting the export customs declaration, which will be released after the customs has passed the inspection.

    2. Bill of lading confirmation

    According to attorney to prepare B/L, and we will arrange customer to confirm the bill of lading to ensure the authenticity and accuracy.
    6. Payment
    Confirm the expense list with the customer and charge the related fee.

    1. Customs form return& Waybill
      After finish one month of export declaration, we will arrange customs form returning for customers tax rebate.

    There are 9 categories of dangerous goods:
    Under the influence of the external environment (such as heat, impact, etc.), violent chemical reactions can occur, and a large amount of gas and heat are generated instantaneously, causing the surrounding pressure to rise rapidly, items that are explosive occur, etc. Among the export goods, there are mainly fireworks and firecrackers. The operator should check the test report and approval certificate when collecting and transporting explosives;
    2. Gas
    Flammable gases (butane, propane, lighters), non-flammable, non-toxic gases (carbon dioxide, helium, fire extinguishers, cryogenic liquefied gases), toxic gases. aerosol or aerosol sprayers is flammable gases, too. Sprayers are non-refillable containers made of metal, glass or plastic. These containers contain compressed, liquefied or pressurised dissolved gases, allowing their contents to be ejected as solid or liquid particles. It is worth noting that most toxic gases are prohibited from air transport with only a few exceptions such as: low-toxicity aerosols, tear-tight devices;
    3, liquid
    Flammable liquids (certain paints, varnishes, alcohols, adhesives, acetone, gasoline) and viscous substances (paints, varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, polishes);
    4. Flammable solids, pyrophoric materials, and solid materials that emit flammable gas in contact with water;
    5, oxidants (such as: calcium chloride glue, potassium phosphate, bleach)
    Organic peroxides that can be ignited by an open flame and burn rapidly;
    6. Toxins (, arsenic, nicotine, oxides, pesticides) and infectious substances (viruses, bacteria, saliva containing viruses, medical waste);
    7. Radioactive article (radium 226, natural uranium, luminous powder, luminescent agent)
    According to the radioactive size, it is divided into primary radioactive material, secondary radioactive material and tertiary radioactive material);
    8, corrosive substances (such as: sulfuric acid);
    9, miscellaneous dangerous goods.
    Dangers arise in air transport, but are not included in the first eight categories. They may produce narcotic, irritating or other properties that make passengers annoy or uncomfortable (asbestos, garlic oil, lifeboats, internal combustion engines, Vehicles, electric wheelchairs, aviation rescue equipment);
    Filled with flammable gases or liquids may emit a small amount of flammable gas (PVC particles, semi-finished polymer materials);
    Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice, frozen vegetables, ice boxes, ice cream);
    Magnetic material (magnetrons, unshielded permanent magnets, yttrium iron).
    Responsible parties and banned dangerous goods by air

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